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ACG Security Solutions provides structured cabling  to help you enhance your cabling requirement, organize your infrastructure, and improve your system performance. No single technology investment will last longer than the structured cabling system. It must take into consideration not only the standards of today, but also must attempt to conform to the technologies of tomorrow. We can help you to install the right infrastructure that will continue to meet the needs of your organizations well into the future. Together, with this, we offer a complimentary range of products and services. These full service applications provide Local Area Networking, Wide Area Networking and Full Project Management with a Design and Build Service.

Professionally planned and installed cabling should be unobtrusive and make operations more cost-effective. Whether installing a completely new network, adding new terminals or peripherals, or relocating existing equipment, ACG offers complete service, starting with a free site survey and a competitive quote. All the necessary planning, installation, and testing are carried out with minimal disruption to existing operations.

With the increase in cabling demands that has come with the
advent of personal computers and increased reliance on technology, there has
been a similar increase in the cable network of both businesses and homes.
While point to point cabling dominated in the past, this system of each piece
of hardware having a separate cable has slowly deteriorated due to the newfound
and massive increase in cabling requirements and number.

Structured cabling is a new system geared towards enhancing
your cabling requirements, both at home and in the workspace. It involves the
installation of a modular system of cables, or elements, for easy installation
and change. Bringing increased flexibility, consistency and robustness to the
table, structured cabling is the next step for your security system. The system
is special due to how it organizes your infrastructure, which further helps in
future proofing your system by making new accommodations for hardware easy.



Structured cabling is a cabling infrastructure comprising of many standardized, smaller subunits called subsystems. The components of such a system include twisted pair and optical cabling, patch panels and patch cables. A system of this design supports multiple hardware uses and is more future proof than systems available on the market before.

The systems structured cabling relies on further consist of multiple subsystems. Some of these are Entrance Systems, Equipment Rooms, Backbone Cabling, Horizontal Cabling and Telecommunications.

This new system of cabling differs from traditional cabling techniques with its avoidance of the usual jungle of wiring that comes with traditional systems. They are also more cost effective, through the reduction of power usage and maintenance costs. The more organized structured cables also offer reduced risks of human error during installation or management of the cables. With their simpler organization, structured cables are much more user friendly.

With the increased flexibility the system brings, it is easy to incorporate changes or accommodate for new additions in the system. Add that to the reduced costs of maintenance and the reduced risk of error during procedures involved in structured cabling, the system is very cost efficient for even the smallest of startups or for your personal use.

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Structured Cabling
Structured Cabling