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Commercial Security Consulting

• Gain greater focus, clarity and accountability for your security solutions.
• Develop a partnership with security experts.
• Access to professionals with knowledge in safety, security and emergency preparation.
• Evaluate current security measures to validate existing processes.
• Proactively approach and mitigate your security related vulnerabilities.

ACG Security provides commercial security consulting to further complement the products offered by our company. These consultations include risk management, security needs assessments, commercial gate operator, on-site security surveys and evaluations, video surveillance, structured cabling and access control, to name a few.

The counselling process consists of 4 main steps – assessment, evaluation, implementation, and testing.

The assessment step involves a security audit, a primary assessment of the security needs of our clients. We go over company policies, procedures, systems, and processes to best identify your organization’s strengths and vulnerabilities and help prioritize your needs as required.

The next step is evaluation. With the assessment complete, we evaluate the needs and information and form a plan of action. Our service team will work with the facility managers, architects, and managers to best create a plan that would allow for easy implementation and quick activation.

We next implement the plan that has been devised with the help of all facility staff.

Finally, the most important part is to test the security system that has been installed.

We at ACG Security have made sure to keep the scope of our services as vast as possible. We understand that each client has different needs and different priorities when it comes to security systems and installations. We work with state-of-the-art product managers and producers to provide the best possible solutions for all our clients’ security needs and requirements.

We cater to most of your needs, be it around the clock security, basic protection of employees, or personal security at your place of residence. With our expansive multi-disciplinary team, we aim to provide quality care and client satisfaction as well as proper state of the art security to our clients.

Decisions regarding security are ones that could cost your entire business. Your employees’ safety, livelihood and your company’s reputation depend on proper security. We’re here to work with you, keeping you in the know in order to find the best solution for your organization.

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If you are looking for commercial security consulting for your business, choose ACG Security Solutions today! Browse our website for more information on video surveillance, or for questions or comments please contact us.