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Mobile Solar Surveillance Towers

ACG Security Solutions provides mobile solar towers in Tampa to keep your business secure including lottery facilities, airports, retail and more. ACG Whether you need temporary or permanent surveillance, ACG Security Solutions will keep your area secure. Solar security towers offers advanced solutions to your business that can meet your needs whether temporary or permanent.¬† Security Towers can ensure your site not only has powerfully bright lights, and a state-of-the-art security system in your parking lot. This will give you the ability to monitor your business anywhere, any time from your phone or computer. This technology¬† provides a live feed and offers surveillance on a construction project with time-lapse video, or simply check in on your guests to make sure your facility is running smoothly. It’s all just a call away with ACG’s mobile security towers.

AGC Solar Mirror Thick is an extra clear high reflectivity glass mirror perfectly suited for use in solar tower or Fresnel collectors. Its composition (silver, copper, 2 paint layers) ensures a very high chemical and mechanical durability.
AGC Solar Mirror Thick conforms to EN1036.

AGC proposes a range of products dedicated to CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) and CPV (Concentrated Photovoltaics) applications. In addition to high reflectivity solar mirrors, AGC also offers high transmission solar glass substrates (Sunmax) for solar concentrators and solar receivers.

ACG Security Solutions provides mobile solar towers in Tampa to keep your business secure. Mobile Solar Towers is an emerging sector of ACG providing around the clock views of any property, anywhere. These towers are engineered to be the highest quality, most convenient, and most affordable security solution on the market. In addition, these towers have the unique ability to retrofit any analytical, thermal, or multi sensor camera allowing powerful night vision, intruder detection, and intelligent recording.