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Video Analytics

ACG Security Solutions provides video analytics to power self learning security delivering improved accuracy in outdoor or indoor crowed locations. As mentioned on our thermal image page, analytics combined with thermal image cameras provides some of the most powerful protection in the market place; this is exactly what Sightlogix does and we are one of the newest dealers for Sightlogix in the Southeast. Sightlogix has been though extensive testing in real world scenarios. The latest testing was for the TSA at the Buffalo airport with 100% accuracy. Please see the Sightlogix web site and press release.

We also offer VideoIQ. VideoIQ has a very strong and unique place in the market with their Analytics and IP cameras with built in storage, up to 500 gig. The iCVR camera and encoder family delivers intelligent video surveillance while eliminating the need for external third party Network Video Recorders (NVR), Digital Video Recorders (DVR), and Video Management System (VMS) platforms and the bandwidth they consume. Whether you are looking for indoor or outdoor surveillance, perimeter security, or HD/megapixel camera functionality, consider using VideoIQ’s innovative IP cameras and video analytics .

Below describes what Analytics is and does

It’s the use of software algorithms for the analysis of CCTV images to detect alarm conditions, such as an intruder moving into a restricted area. The major benefit of this technology is the potential for automating the sometimes laborious task of monitoring CCTV images.

Motion detection is a simple form of video analytics, but ordinary motion detection systems have their limitations. For example, if the lighting conditions suddenly change – perhaps the sun comes out from behind a cloud – false alarms are often produced. They’re also likely to be fooled by localized conditions such as movement of the camera pole or insects/birds passing through the field of view. For these reasons, plain motion detection systems are normally only useful for indoor applications.

The most useful video analytics software can detect objects of a specific size – typically people – while ignoring irrelevant objects. It can then track these objects reliably, taking into account perspective, and generate an alarm when specific conditions are met, which is configured in the software by the user. In deciding whether to generate alarms, the software can take into account many factors, such as the size, speed, direction of travel of the target, and the distance it has moved. It also ignores environmental effects such as lighting changes and weather patterns, and therefore produces a very low level of false alarms. If any attempt is made to tamper with or disable the cameras, good video analytics software will provide a warning.

Applications are extremely diverse but tend to be external. These typically involve protecting the perimeter of a high-security installation such as a prison, airport or military compound. In these applications, CCTV combined with video analytics is often more cost-effective and less problematic than using conventional systems long term. The applications do need to be evaluated very carefully, however, as the number of cameras needed and their placement is likely to be different from an ordinary CCTV installation. Applications for video analytics are changing all the time. The most common applications in security are currently perimeter protection, object tracking, object abandonment, people counting and ANPR.