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ACG Security Solutions

ACG Security Solutions provides Indianapolis access control including card readers, mobile and biometric readers for your business. When something works stick with it! That’s the way we feel about Amano Access Control Systems. ACG Security Solutions was one of the first Amano, formally Impro, dealers in the Southeast. One of our largest customers had an antiquated access control system. The site we were working on had around ninety card readers. After a couple of weeks evaluating other systems and costs of upgrading the current system, Amano was the preferred system. We were able to use the existing wiring and provide an Amano system with the latest technology for less than upgrading the current system! Needless to say, our customer has implemented Amano as the standard on a national level.

Amano truly has one of the best access control CCTV and Biometric integration solutions in the market. One of our national customers needed to implement biometric readers as part of their security plan. With Amano, it was a seamless integration. We now have five national data centers with a combination of biometric and proximity readers and still growing. Amano also has the best tech support we’ve ever experienced. From local tech support all the way to working with Amano’s designers for custom solutions, Amano is the right choice.