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ACG Security Solutions provides commercial security systems specializing in video surveillance, thermal imaging, access control, and more. Brimming with history, Chicago stands strong as the U.S.’s third-largest city and fourth-largest business center in the world. The Windy City is also an international center of transportation, industry, tourism and trade conventions. With so many comings and goings throughout the city, security is of absolute importance. ACG Security Solutions has been a long-term provider of security systems to commercial customers throughout the Chicago and area — a region so broad that it encompasses parts of neighboring states of Indiana and Wisconsin. From Lincoln Park to the South Side of Chicago, spilling over into Joliet and Naperville, we service all of the city’s various districts and outlying areas. Talk to Us to learn how we can enhance security and convenience for your business with a professional quality video surveillance system.

The Right Security System For Your Business

Chicago is a multicultural city that thrives on the diversity and harmony of its close-knit neighborhoods. With a total of 77 colorful neighborhoods, Chicago reflects the values of the American heartland- hard work, integrity, and community. Known for its strong sports culture, Chicago has something for everyone, from the breathtaking 42Km lakefront that comprises white sandy beaches and green spaces for people to explore and connect with nature.


If you’re looking to invest in enhancing the security of your business choose ACG Security Solutions. We’re a top-rated commercial security systems company specializing in video surveillance, thermal imaging, access control, commercial gate openers, and mobile security towers. We pride our choices in top of the line commercial security solutions.


Access Control

Whether you are improving on or implementing a new access control system installation in Chicago, ACG Security Solutions has the products you need to meet your exact security goals for your Building or commercial facility. We offer top-of-the-line hardware and complimentary software that drives the system to effectively protect your facility. From hi-rise buildings, hotels, businesses, warehouses, offices, retails, parking garages, hospitals, schools, and commercial establishments, we service them all keeping your personnel, property, assets and visitors protected.

Biometric Security Solution

Biometrics Security is one of most innovative technology in the security system industry currently being used for commercial and residential applications along with transportation, education, government, healthcare, and other industries. Unlike keys, card access control, b cards, smart cards, or PIN number sequences, biometric readers provide access control that cannot be transferred, lost, or stolen. Biometric readers use automated methods of verifying the identity of a person with their finger, face or iris scan.

  • Fingerprint Biometric Access Control System Authentication

  • Face Recognition Biometric Access Control System Authentication

  • Time and Attendance Biometric Access Control System Authentication

Commercial Gate Openers

Commercial gate openers allow simple entrance into commercial, industrial, government and school buildings, without compromising on safety, and  also add a little of style to your property as well!

At ACG Security Solutions, we are your top rated gate installation pros, serving Chicago and the surrounding areas. We offer a wide variety of gate operators and accessories to meet your business  needs, including swing, sliding, and overhead units.

We also carry a large inventory of gate hardware.

  • Wooden Gates
  • Chain Link Gates
  • Ornamental Aluminum or Steel Gates
  • Large range of Commercial Gate Styles custom built to your requirements
  • Commercial Swing Gates – electric gate operators available
  • Commercial Powered Slide Gates – electric gate operators available 

Mobile Solar Security Towers

Whether you need temporary or permanent surveillance, ACG Security Solutions modern, mobile solar security systems will keep your Chicago business secure.

ACG Security Solutions solar security towers can be easily equipped with the latest in video surveillance cameras, ensuring your site not only has powerfully bright lights, but a state-of-the-art security system as well. Survey your site anywhere, any time from your phone or computer.

  • Real-time remote viewing and playback
  • Mobile alerts for motion or intruder detection
  • 24/7 continuous recording
  • HD, wide-angle video
  • Night vision via infrared lights
  • Full 360° pan, tilt and zoom from any smartphone
  • A uniquely secure and compact design

Surveillance Drones

ACG Security Solutions is one the largest resellers of surveillance drone technology in Chicago.We offer drone parts and packages from some the the largest manufacturers in the industry, including, but not limited to:

  • DJI

Security Consultants

ACG Security Solutions begins by learning our client’s security needs, future challenges and identifying potential points of vulnerability at your building or business.

Our security consultants will prepare a comprehensive security solution, based on your current security system and security policies. This security solution will help you establish what’s important for your business and how to protect your business in the best way possible.

Structured Cabling

ACG Security Solutions provides structured cabling in Chicago, IL to allow a seamless flow of information and promote efficiency and productivity. No single technology investment will last longer than the structured cabling system. It must take into consideration not only the standards of today, but also must attempt to conform to the technologies of tomorrow. We can help you to install the right infrastructure that will continue to meet the needs of your organizations well into the future.

Thermal Imaging Security Cameras

ACG Security Solutions offers thermal cameras in Chicago to provide the most complete perimeter intrusion protection for any business. Thermal imaging has a broad range of applications including commercial security, industrial applications and of course law enforcement.

Video Analytics Systems

ACG Security Solutions provides video analytics  to power self learning security delivering improved accuracy in outdoor or indoor crowed locations. Video analytics is a technology that processes a digital video signal using a special algorithm to perform a security-related function. There are three common types of video analytics: 
  • Fixed algorithm analytics
  • Artificial intelligence learning algorithms
  • Facial recognition systems
  • Video Surveillance

    ACG Security Solutions specializes in the design and installation of custom video surveillance solutions for  commercial properties including hi-rise buildings, hotels, businesses, warehouses, offices, retails, parking garages, hospitals, and schools in Chicago, Il.

    We offer IP video surveillance systems, indoor and outdoor camera systems and cutting-edge video analytics.

    We partner with industry leading security camera providers with the highest quality products. 

    Trusted Commercial Security Solutions

    There are numerous landmarks in Chicago, but if it’s your first time, some must-see landmarks include Millennium Park, famous for the “Cloud Gate” art installation, Navy Pier, and Lincoln Park Zoo, among others. While in Chicago, you barely have to move an inch to reach artsy, designer, or indie shops, and many malls in the city offer a vast range of amenities, ensuring that your shopping needs are met and exceeded. With two major airports, Midway International Airport and O’Hare International Airport, located within the city, movement to and from the airport is easy.

    ACG Security Solutions is a well-established business in the security industry that provides top-notch security contractors and systems at a competitive market price, guaranteeing the security of your business. Get in touch with us and enhance the security of your business with our range of quality security products and services.

    Contact ACG Security Solutions

    ACG Security Solutions provides commercial security systems in Chicago specializing in video surveillance, thermal imaging, access control, and more. We pride ourselves in top rated service and support. Browse our website for more information on our commercial security systems or for questions or comments please contact us.